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Take it from someone who knows

Published: 06/07/2017

No company wants a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector turning up at its door and demanding a site inspection, but they have the powers to do just that! What’s more, they can also close part or all of the workplace down if they believe there is serious risk of injury to someone. Ensuring that you’ve met the relevant health and safety requirements is key to the welfare of your staff.  Here’s how to make sure you comply with current legislation:

  1. Don’t panic: Health and safety doesn’t have to be complicated, but you need to be aware that the number of staff and nature of your work impacts on what you need to do.
  2. Know the law: If you employ more than five people, it’s a legal requirement to have evidence of your health and safety procedures and policies.
  3. Keep things simple: There’s no need to use scare tactics or confuse staff with health and safety jargon. It’s simply about having clear and effective procedures and policies in place.
  4. Make time for health and safety: It’s all too easy to let documents and policies go past their review date. Set aside time to conduct an annual review of your health and safety policy, and book an annual refresher course for your staff.
  5. Stay one step ahead: Whether you work in a food establishment or in construction, it’s important to understand the legislation that applies to your industry. The world of health and safety is constantly changing, but there’s no need to be afraid of this.
  6. Change your ways: As health and safety advisors, we often hear people say things like ‘well, I’ve done it this way for so many years’. Doing something a certain way for many years doesn’t always make it right.
  7. Read your documents: It’s down to you, the employer, and each member of staff to ensure that documentation is read and fully understood. Picture the scenario - you’ve just won a large contract to carry out some roofing maintenance work. The client is happy with the risk assessment and method statement you’ve provided. Your staff sign both documents to say they agree with the method of work, and are aware of the risks and how to minimise them. Great; good work so far! However, a member of your team falls from the roof and is critically injured. Before starting work, your staff signed the risk assessment and method statement, but how many of them actually read it? Did they know they were supposed to be using a harness? Did they complete their harness checks? Have they been trained in how to wear a harness? 
  8. Invest in your team: By investing time and money in your staff, you’re developing a more knowledgeable and proactive workforce. Provide your team with the training, skills and knowledge they need to help them do their job safely, confidently and with job satisfaction. Training courses such as the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) Working Safely and Managing Safely are a great way to help your staff understand health and safety, covering everything from completing risk assessments to understanding where you stand with the law on health and safety matters.
  9. Put health and safety at the heart of your business: Investing money into training your staff will come back to you tenfold through enhanced morale, productivity and customer satisfaction.
  10. Be open to advice: Whether you’re looking for ongoing practical support or just need to ask a question in relation to current legislation, there’s no shame in asking for expert help and advice.


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We’re delighted to be working with kitchen manufacturer Wren once again.

We’ve been guiding ten members of staff at the company’s Barton site through their Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely qualifications. This takes the total number of Wren employees who have completed the classroom-based IOSH training with us up to 88!

IOSH managing safely is aimed at managers in any organisation or sector who are required to manage risk and resources in the workplace. The course works through modules that cover:

  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Understanding hazards
  • Investigating incidents
  • Measuring performance

We can deliver the course over 3 or 4 days in our dedicated training facility at our Goole headquarters or in the workplace, depending on a customer’s requirements.

To find out more, call us on 01405 752440 or contact us via our website.

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Members of the MNA team have shown competence and knowledge in the delivery of their services ensuring that all requirements were easily understood.
Stuart Smith
Factory Manager,
Wren Kitchens
We feel that MNA are a valuable addition to our business team and raise our profile with current and prospective clients.
Johnny Kirk
Bowkirk Joinery Ltd
I would recommend MNA Group Limited to any business that wants a reliable and professional company to take care of their health and safety issues.
Richard Stockdale
Operations Manager,
Olam Food Ingredients Ltd
MNA Group has provided our employees with Quantitative Face Fit Testing and Harness Training, which we were more than pleased with.
Sean Kellett
General Manager,
Goole Welding Ltd
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