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Assessment ID: Cabling Underfloor Voids

Cabling Underfloor Voids

Cabling in underfloor voids can pose risks to workers such as the risk of fire and personal injury.

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Risk Assessment Overview

Cabling in underfloor voids can pose risks to workers such as the risk of fire and personal injury. Controls measure should be out in place to eliminate or minimise these types of risks.

Management of hazards

A risk assessment is created to identify the hazards associated with dangerous activities and the appropriate ways of controlling them. This is a key component in safety management, alongside the reduction of risk. Our risk assessments outline both components and provides you with a risk matrix system to show you how risk should be reduced.

Clear safe systems of work

It is your responsibility to ensure that all staff carry out safe methods of work, in line with the risk assessment, as well as ensuring all outlined control measures are identified, followed and understood clearly. Then and only then should the risk assessment be signed by all staff working on the task to show they have read and understood the potential hazards and the control measures put in place.


We would always advise that employees undertake relevant training within their job role. Training your staff and employees will enhance their knowledge and lead to safer working practises, giving your staff the competence to carry out their job roles. It is important to keep training records up to date and complete refresher training when required.

  • Once general risk assessments have been paid for, the receipt of payment and risk assessment will be sent via email in PDF format.
  • General risk assessments boxes such as PPE and site personnel will need to be completed by the customer once received.
  • Any orders placed after 9pm, Mon- Fri will receive the order receipt and risk assessment document via email the next working day.
  • Disclaimer- Every effort has been made by MNA Group (East Yorkshire) Limited to ensure that the information given in this risk assessment is accurate and not misleading, but MNA Group (East Yorkshire) Limited cannot accept responsibility for any loss or liability perceived to have arisen from the use of any such documents. Only Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments have the force of law and only the courts can authoritatively interpret the law.
  • © Copyright MNA Group (East Yorkshire) Limited- These documents and the material that supports it is solely and exclusively for the use of the organisation/body that has paid for it. The information may only be used in the furtherance of that business and may not be sold, hired, copied or used for any other commercial purpose etc.

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