The survey found that a significant number of the inspected doors were found with gaps exceeding 5mm in various locations between the leaf and frames as well as several doors exceeding the maximum permitted threshold gap of 10mm. Evidence showed that the smoke seals on the doors were failing due to age and the hardware including hinges and mortice locks required to be upgraded to show CE markings.

Our team worked diligently on-site for a period of 12 weeks, upgrading all established fire doors to full compliance. We rehung the doors, installed new fire seals, and upgraded the hardware, including hinges, locks, and handles to BS EN 12209 and BS EN 1935 standards. Additionally, we updated all door signage on both the glazing and doors.

In addition to meeting compliance requirements, we have ensured that the doors at the premises have full functionality and are fit for purpose in the event of a fire.