Following working at heights training, our guardrail systems are appropriate for a wide range of users. The systems make use of the available space on a work elevation to give clear demarcation free of walkways. Our systems are a popular solution for standing seam and built-up roofs, and they provide collective fall prevention for operatives. Our systems comply with BS 13700:2021, EN 13374 EN14122-3 and EN 14122-3 standards which outline the safety of machinery and permanent means of access.

Our guardrail protection systems provide optimum versatility for most rooftop configurations since they can handle virtually any flat roof up to 10 degrees. The systems are available for various roof types and can be used where there is a restraining wall, such as a parapet, or where the rooftop is entirely open around the perimeter.

• Fixed Guardrail and Handrail
• Collapsible Guardrail and Handrail
• Freestanding Guardrail and Handrail