Dull, damaged, or unclean cladding compromises both your building and your company’s reputation. Our cladding maintenance service helps safeguard and preserve the condition of your cladding over time.

Your cladding will experience substantial seasonal variations throughout time, from cold frost to severe winds and rain to bright sunlight. Understandably, these conditions can affect your cladding and, if left ignored, can damage the substrates beneath the covering, resulting in a far more expensive problem.

We offer cladding maintenance services to keep your property in a functional, safe condition. We can schedule maintenance checks bi-annually, annually, or every few years. Our cladding maintenance staff will perform any necessary repair work, such as cladding cleaning and cladding spraying, to ensure that your cladding not only looks like new but also has better resistance to the weather.

A regular maintenance routine will prevent minor flaws from worsening over time, or potentially leading to the need to replace your cladding. Our skilled commercial cladding maintenance teams will identify and address minor issues, ensuring that your cladding is in good working order and meets current compliance.